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Technical support

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We offer on-line consultation / pricing.

If required - also we can visit our customer.

We specialize in design and manufacturing of plastic and aluminum parts and components by machning treatment.

Our production area with specialized machines allow us to deliver complex solution for our customer - we can offer high quality, accuracy and taking care about all details.


Cooperation on all necessary levels - starting from idea, technical consultancy, design, prototyping - up to final product and support during it's lifetime.


We are manufacturing parts as individual products and mass quantities. We can become Your business partner as manufacturer on demand, also as supplier of machines on special demand:


- simple devices for manual operation,


- complex machines equipped with electric, pneumatic and mechanical parts. 



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Technical consultancy

Mail: biuro@cnc-zary.pl

Tel: +48 696 422 945

CNC Project

ul: siostry Marii Edelburgis 4, 68-200 Żary

(dawniej Żymierskiego 4)